Australian team rolled down to No.8 ranking

For the first time in many, many years, an Australian team is at no. 8 in the World rankings while walking into a World tournament.

Yes, can you believe it? The men in yellow at this point of time are the 8th ranked team in the world in twenty 20 format.

Well, their fans might say they don’t often appear in the international twenty 20 games and instead play more of the other formats of the game and that’s actually right.

But, what’s also right is that whenever Australia plays the twenty 20 games at the international level, they don’t manage to dominate.

It’s only recently that they were cleaned up by India in their own backyard in a series of 3 games.

They don’t even have a settled leader as far as their Twenty 20 team is concerned.

Aaron Finch was in charge of the team for the last couple of years and all of a sudden, he was removed and Steve Smith was given the charge despite him being not the ideally suited batsman for this format of the game.

However, no team would make the mistake of getting too much into Australia’s rankings or what they have done in the past in twenty 20 Cricket because the resources that they have come up with, never mind the rankings, they can still win the World Twenty 20 Championship.

They are in their group with three sub-continental teams though, all of which are pretty knowledgeable about the conditions. But, having played a lot of League Cricket in India in the recent times, most of the Australian batsmen would believe they can thump spin if that is what the opposition plans to attack them with and they are competent enough to do so for certain.

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