Michael Hussey has likened the leadership style of Virat Kohli

Michael Hussey has likened the leadership style of Virat Kohli to that of his compatriot Ricky Ponting saying that just like the two time world cup wining captain of the Kangaroos, Virat also has got that drive in him to come out victorious every time he steps on to the field.

As per Hussey, Virat is a captain who does not just tell his boys to do something. He actually shows them by doing it himself, whether it is fitness or the performance on the field, he excels in everything himself and raises the bar high and then demands the same from his boys, something which Ponting used to do.

Regarding the comparisons of Virat with his predecessor Dhoni, Hussey reckons that it’s one of the things that Virat will always have to deal with. He has taken over from a man who was very, very successful leading the country and people expect the same from him too and that’s why they draw comparisons between him and Dhoni. (more…)


Legend of the game Michael Hussey is set to lead an independent review of Cricket Tasmania’s Male Pathway and High Performance programs, CT announced.

The former Australian Batsman would conduct his review following the recent dismissal of Tasmania tigers coach Dan Marsh.

Hussey would review the Tigers team, the Future League programs, Emerging Tigers and the under-age state programs. His recommendations would help CT know if they are following best practices. Additionally, he would check if the staffing and funding are adequate.

Hussey retired from everything that had to do with the game in 2016, before being drafted to BBL side by the chief executive then Nick Cummins. Cummins himself is set to become the Chief of Cricket Tasmania.

The poor performance of The Tigers in the Sheffield Shield season and the absence at the Matador One Day Cup are parts of the triggers for the review. (more…)

The Controversial PSL Finale

Those who are calling for the international boards around the world to agree for the tour of Pakistan on the basis of the fact that no casualties occurred during the PSL finale are just being illogical and nothing else.

There is a difference between one match and the whole tour. The number of soldiers that were placed on duty in Lahore on that particular day, will it be possible for the Pakistani government to offer the services of as many soldiers on every day of the tour of an international team?

An international tour is generally longer than a month, sometimes even two months. It won’t be like one match of the PSL where the players had to be in town only for a few hours. Not all of them even spent a night in Lahore.

But, when a tour is on, the players would be staying in hotels and would be travelling to the stadium every day to train and practice and then to play the matches as well. So, that would be a completely different scenario. (more…)


Going back to 2009, Muhammad Amir had arrived on the Australian shores, where he took on a much different side and made an outstanding impression on both his team mates and the crowd.

However, a year later, that was 2010, Amir was among three Pakistani players convicted of spot fixing in the series as he deliberately bowled no-balls to specific points in the match.

This thus led to a suspension being placed on him by the ICC to last for five years. He was also sent to jail by the English Judges having been found guilty of indulging in corrupt practices.

It is 2016, and a different Amir, with his suspension period over. However, his pace and determination still remains as much as it was or might have even improved.

In a tour match played against the Cricket Australia XI this week in Cairns, Amir made sure to send a subtle curt warning to the Australian batsmen as he ensured he made good use of a brutal spell of fast bowling to destroy the CA XI batsmen, and finish with 3/15 from his 10 overs, one which has been acclaimed to be economical. (more…)

Reverse Sweep Dismissals Brings lots of criticism

Even though this is an era where reverse sweep has almost become a text book shot, a dismissal on a reverse sweep attempt still invites criticism.

It’s simply because while a reverse sweep can give you a guaranteed four if you get it right, you, at the same time, are also putting your wicket on the line while making that attempt.

The old man in the Australian batting line up Adam Voges, who is a disciplined batter, was being really gritty on Day 2 at Galle, keeping the on song Dilruwan Perera at bay. But, something happened to the Western Australian suddenly. He lost trust in his straight bat shots and opted for a reverse sweep and lost his leg stump in the process.

The criticism happened, rightly so, but, Voges refused to learn a lesson and when he returned for his second knock in the game, he was stubborn and had come with the mission to prove that he had the reverse sweep in his armoury, that he could play that shot and that his first innings attempt was not a brain fade. He, in fact, began his innings with a reverse sweep, nailing it this time, sending it past the third man fence, but, in spite of that boundary, the Aussie legend Allan Border was taken aback.

Australian team rolled down to No.8 ranking

For the first time in many, many years, an Australian team is at no. 8 in the World rankings while walking into a World tournament.

Yes, can you believe it? The men in yellow at this point of time are the 8th ranked team in the world in twenty 20 format.

Well, their fans might say they don’t often appear in the international twenty 20 games and instead play more of the other formats of the game and that’s actually right.

But, what’s also right is that whenever Australia plays the twenty 20 games at the international level, they don’t manage to dominate.

It’s only recently that they were cleaned up by India in their own backyard in a series of 3 games.

They don’t even have a settled leader as far as their Twenty 20 team is concerned. (more…)

Steven Smith has showered praise on his retiring teammate

Steven Smith, the captain of the Australian test and One Day International team, has showered praise on his retiring teammate and one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, Mitchell Johnson, saying that when the Queenslander was at his best, it was nightmarish for any batsman in the world to handle him.

Johnson would no longer be featuring in Australian jersey as he has made the sudden decision to walk away from the international scenes after a period of 12 months or so where he has been largely out of form.

Johnson had been at his peak during the 2013 Season when he had managed to absolutely torment the touring English side and had helped Australia clinch a 5-0 Ashes series win against all odds.

Johnson continued his rhythm on the tour of South Africa as well which followed right after that 2013 Ashes and played a big role in Australia emerging victorious there, but, he suffered a dip thereafter and the 5-wicket hauls somehow just dried up.

He kept putting on good performances here and there, like the one which came against India in the World Cup semi final and also, the one against England in Lord’s earlier this year. But, the intimidating factor was missing and ahead of this Australian summer, some of the experts of Australian Cricket had even predicted that considering his lack of form and increasing age, the southpaw might look to retire at some point of time during the home season and that’s what he did.

However, the announcement to come in the middle of a series was not something that people would have expected. (more…)

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